February 22, 2024

About me

Andrea Panarello Profile

13 years of exclusive research and development experience on metal-free dental materials has given me a solid and specific knowledge in the dental sector. In the last 6 years I have been interacting with more than 200 professionals, and above all dentists, academics, researchers, technicians, and other dental industry developers coming from all over the world. Thanks to all of them I have learnt a lot from any perspective. I will never stop thanking all these people for sharing their knowledge, often steering me and further stimulating my creativity. I reckon that my incessant quest for professional and personal development comes from these interactions.

I truly enjoy talking to all of you. I am an engineer specialized in dental design prosthetic material and, in this respect, I am well supported by a team of trusted partners with incredibly advanced equipment, technology, and technical skills. I like to call them my  “unmatched prod-lovers”.

During the last 4 years, in particular, I have been dedicated much time to research, design of new materials together with training – both giving and receiving-  and consultancy courses. I still believe there is a lot to do. This is what I call “the big journey” and I enjoy to travel in good company.

There are other things I am passionate about, such us preparing regional Italian food such as spaghetti with fish sauce and breadcrumb or creamy rolls of swordfish. I am always ready to enter a kitchen seize a pan, a jug of EVOO and make an incredibly flavoured dish of maccheroni with Parmiggiano-Reggiano cheese.

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